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Malicious Mail

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Hate Mail. Malicious Mail. Blackmail. Call it what you will, it is illegal. Under the Malicious Communications Act, any person who sends to another person aletter or article which conveys a threat, or a message which is indecent or grossly offensive, or information whbich is false or believed to be false by the sender is guilty of an offence and liable to a custodial sentence

Where do Fingerprints come In?

Fingerprints left by the sender of Malicious Mail can be used evidentially against them. While the sennder may be careful, it is rare that the amatuer precautions they may have taken will be sufficient. prints can remain on paper for decades. We need to get the documents to our office as processing can take several days, however if collecting from you we can use the opportunity to take control (elimination) prints from anyone who may have innocently touched the document

Malicious Communications Act

Hate mail is usually anonymous, but if it can be traced the sender can also be prosecuted under the Malicious Communications Act 1988 which makes it an offence to send a letter or other article which conveys an indecent or grossly offensive message or a threat, or which contains information known to be false, where the purpose of sending it is to cause distress or anxiety

Fingerprint Evidence

Fingerprint evidence is based upon two basic principles:

  • A fingerprint is an individual characteristic, and as of yet no two prints have been found to possess identical ridge characteristics
  • A fingerprint will remain unchanged during an individual's lifetime

  • There are three types of fingerprints that can be analysed - Latent Prints, Visible Prints and Plastic Prints

    Fingerprinting London UK Europe Evidence CFTC FINRA

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    Other Investigation Services

    As with our fingerprint services, we operate Computer Forensics in-house as a part of investigation. Deleting files will not help the culprit - we can rebuild a computer to show all images, emails, messages, when it was accessed and - with the help of other disciplines such as fingerprinting - by who. Investigation and analysis of computers has been the downfall of many who seek to damage your company or upset your personal life

    We are proficient and experienced in surveillance of an individual either for personal or for business reasons. Surveillance, will get to the truth of a matter, whether an issue of infidelity or corporate theft. Wherever the location, we are equipped to deal with it, with Investigators who have years of experience gained in commercial, personal and legal environments. Tell us your problem and we will plan a course of action to resolve it, professionally and discreetly

    Electronic vehicle tracking is a cost effective way of obtaining information regarding a subject's car movements and may also be applied to equipment, marine craft, containers and electronic items. Reports of location are forwarded to you daily, with alerts and alarms at key times. While a tracker will only tell you where an object with, combined with physical surveillance the two disciplines provide a complete picture of what someone is up to

    We have worked on behalf of companies and individuals from across the world, and have handled physical investigation abroad in France, Spain, Dubai, Tenerife, Lanzarote, Ireland, Ibiza, Switzerland, Morocco, Tunisia, Portugal and many other countries. We have good language skills and excellent International contacts, are familiar with different environments and able to work efficiently abroad

    Adoption Tracing is one of the pleasures of Investigative work - we have located adopted children for birth parents and found the parents of many adoptees, extending not just in the UK but in many countries abroad - we have found one mother in France and another in Corsica, as well as in many other countries. Most, of course, still reside in the UK and we will even help with broaching contact once the research is completed.

    Although drug usage and alcohol abuse appear more tolerated, the former is still against the law. Aside from the problems substance abuse can cause to an employee's performance or a son's wellbeing, there is potential for embarrassment for a company as a result of the abusers actions. Identifying the extent of the problem is a first step to dealing with it - we will obtain the information confidentially and discreetly